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ElDLIVE Ep 09 – Ah back to the school life setting again.

So we got Veronica and Nina transferring to Chuuta’s school. I thought this episode was actually kinda fun compared to some of the others. Seeing Misuzu in a more active role was a pleasant sight to see too. I thought her character chemistry with the others to be kinda amusing too.

Ha! The three new transfer students certainly made quite the first impression! XD And who doesn’t love bowling? But wait, if Veronica has replaced organs can she still reproduce? I…don’t think this show intended to tackle such a serious issue so I’ll guess yes. XD
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ElDLIVE Ep 09 – This was a fun episode. The antics at school and at the bowling alley were amusing. Veronica is quite competitive, especially with Misuzu. Dr. Love was very straight forward towards Misuzu. She was ready to cut him.

Lol that KHR reference tho.
I think there must be more behind this ‘I can’t stand your smell’ thing, furthermore, a good episode; nice change of pace.

That was a pretty fun bowling episode.

Chuta simply can’t let go of his delusions of Love and Misuzu. xD

The bowling segments were pretty fun I guess. Poor Chuta, Misuzu simply can’t stand his smell. :3

ElDLIVE Ep 09 – Love at the end was the best part of the episode. XD
That Tatayan face makeover. XD

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