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3 gatsu no Lion Ep 20 – Honestly, I can’t get over this show. The portrayal of the Shogi professionals and their acceptance of Souya being the master as status quo and how Rei, who desperately clings onto both his shogi and his life after the death of his family, is the only one desperate enough to not accept that Shimada loses, is beautiful.
It shows how much Rei has grown as a character as he not only has learned not to give up or give in after being put under the suffocating pressure that playing against Souya seems to be, but also demonstrates that he wants to believe in others and not just himself.
3 gatsu no Lion Ep 20 – In contrast, most others did not believe that Shimada winning, or rather Souya losing, is possible. They see Souya as some kind of untouchable master and justify them not being good enough to beat him as ‘being outclassed’, feeling as if Souya very much like snow silently buries them under him with his shining brilliance and talent with them only being able to look at the ‘dazzling’ Souya. This very much translates to reality: Talented people or skilled people are looked up to as some sort of unobtainable goal, just so those that didn’t work hard enough can justify not working hard enough.
Observing this as either the skilled person in question or as someone that does not accept to give up and actually tries his best is painful. It is disappointing.
I need this show in my life and I really do not want it to end. It is beautiful.

3 gatsu no Lion Ep 20 – What I love is the really subtle undertone that Souya is very much fallible. He once held all 7 titles. He does not anymore. Raidou having the dragon is one proof of that. But everyone sees him as this untouchable monster, and Souya himself even says it “you put too much faith in me.”

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